Evil Twin: Imperial Donut Break


Brewery: Evil Twin (New York, NY)

Name: “Imperial Donut Break”

Type: Imperial Porter (w/ coffee, vanilla, almond, and chocolate [donuts?])

ABV: 11.5%

Beer Advocate: 93

Evil Twin Brewing sets a high bar with their beers, bringing a lot of complex flavors into some high ABV brews (see Molotov Heavy @ 17.2%), and the Imperial Donut Break is no exception.


Eyes and Nose: The beer pours dark pitch with a thick brown head that slowly dissipates, giving your nose little effervescent notes of chocolate glaze and cake (yes, like a chocolate-glazed chocolate donut)

Mouth: Malty and slightly sweet like a milk stout—if there is such a thing as a chocolate milk stout, this might qualify. However the beer isn’t too rich or too sweet, there’s a nice subtle balance of bitter and sweet here. Vanilla and coffee overtones help to balance the chocolate and there’s just enough hops to add a nice complexity to this “desert beer.”

Rating: A great and powerful desert beer, this might also be the perfect mid-day coffee break beer to take the edge off that 2-hour conference call. It is a bit pricey, coming in around $20 for a 22oz bomber, you definitely don’t have to spend this much for a good beer. That said, even at a dollar an ounce, this one is well worth it.

Zim Score: 4.8/5

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