Friday the 13th Part 2 Movie Poster/Review


Friday the 13th Part 2 poster; hand-drawn and inked, colored in Photoshop.

Movie Review: Friday the 13th, Part 2 (1981)

(Director: Steve Miner, Special Effects: Carl Fullerton, Music: Harry Manfredini, Jason: Steve Dash/Warrington Gillet(unmasked))


By far, one of the horniest group of kids in the series—4 couples, all very attractive—this film carries a lot sexual angst and nudity, but does a good job of telling the story with honesty. These kids aren’t models or a parody of themselves, they’re real young adults in the woods doing what normal people do. And watching everything play out, Jason, is at his scariest. As evening comes, the sense of being trapped and helpless is almost oppressive—trapped with a wild animal who wants to kill you.

Jason’s full reveal as he attacks Paul in the dark is terrifying— “Paul, there’s someone in this room”– and actor Steve Dash’s portrayal gives you the sense that Jason is a truly violent animal/retard/human being. Jason is uncivilized, silent, and alien in this film. His sick devotion to avenging his mom, just as his mom was devoted to him, set a nice parallel to the first film. Yet this one feels more sophisticated and creepy. I love the idea of Jason living as a child in a shack, some homeless man-beast.

The final chase is long and epic, and the final scare is an iconic piece of horror cinema.

Movie Trivia:

  • Special Effects guru Stan Winston (Aliens) actually created the first version of Pamela’s head, seen in Alice’s refrigerator
  • Friday 2 was shot in Kent, CT on the same lake as I Spit on Your Grave
  • Though Director Steve Miner, who worked on the original film, attempted to acquire the same crew and shooting atmosphere, the set was troubled with multiple Jasons, a frustrated crew, and mixed feelings on Jason’s return as the antagonist
  • Adrienne King, who played Alice, the sole survivor from the original, was going through some personal turmoil—a real-life stalker had been terrorizing her, coming close enough to threaten her at gunpoint. As a result, she was unable to take on a larger role in the film and was disappointed to discover she was to be killed off

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