Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives – Fan Poster/Review


Fan art for Friday the 13th Part 6, hand drawn and inked, colored in Photoshop

Movie Review: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

(Director: Tom McLoughlin, Special Effects: Brian Wade, Music: Harry Manfredini/Alice Cooper, Jason: C.J. Graham)

Jason Lives has always been one of my favorites in the series. Right away the scenery, the setting, and the tone feel more familiar, and more serious than the predecessor. Jason’s resurrection is spectacular and creepy and Jason takes on a new dimension as a zombie-monster with a unique personality.

The characters are likable and fun to watch, and there is just enough humor to lighten the mood. Jason has a rage in this movie, he’s truly scary in this one.

I love the cemetery imagery—feels like a Halloween movie—and the drunken grave keeper, the couple having a late nigh picnic in the misty woods all nod to the old Universal horror movies. And let’s not forget to totally unneccessary film noir cop talk— “wherever the red dot goes, ya bang!”

This film is a fun romp through Crystal Lake Forest Green, and a self-reflective film that broke the so-called fourth wall with the audience, and would late inspire Wes Craven’s Scream.


Movie Trivia:

  • Jason Lives is one of the only films in the series to receive positive critical reviews
  • Jason Lives is also the only Friday film with no nudity
  • Director Tom McLoughlin originally shot the film with exactly thirteen deaths, but the producers asked him to add more gore and violence (a first for the series)
  • C.J. Graham, who plays Jason, was a restaurant manager and former marine. The producers saw him playing Jason in a skit for his restaurant, and decided to fire their initial Jason and use C.J. instead

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