Brooklyn: Oktoberfest


Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery (Utica, NY)

Name: “Oktoberfest”

Type: Märzen/Octoberfest

ABV: 5.5%

Beer Advocate: 83

Brooklyn Brewery is a hit-or-miss brewery for me. I’ve had a few beers I’ve enjoyed, and it appears that they do take great care of their beers. Maybe they just have a malt or hop that doesn’t rub me the right way, but I’ll always give them a try. So let’s see how their Oktoberfest ranks up.


Eyes and Nose: Dark amber with a creamy, tan head that dissipates pretty quickly. Clean and bready on the nose and maybe just a tad metallic or copper.

Mouth: Creamy mouthfeel in the front while tingly and effervescent on the back of the tongue. Caramel and bread balance each other very well with a mild maltiness and a touch of hops. Slightly roasted yet very smooth without tasting watered down or light.

Rating: This is a very nice Oktoberfest, as satisfying as freshly baked bread, yet still very light. Not too viscus, caramel, or malty this beer is really well-balanced between crisp and amber. This so far is my favorite of the style.

Zim Score: 3.75/5


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