Comparative Reality: Struggling Against a Reflection

image_canon_beachI have steadily become convinced that the world in which we imagine ourselves to be is a reflection of a conscious narrative being played out within our own minds.

We do not govern the plot of this narrative, we merely narrate the story.

Life, therefore, appears as a constant struggle to affect the outcome of this narrative for the better. We strive to see things “work out,” to discover happiness in all facets. We want to see good deeds succeed and evil vanquished, and we struggle to maintain a sense of comfort and safety. Yet in doing so, we are contending against an adversary that exists only in the construct of our minds. This is like one side of a coin attempting to detach itself from the other or like shredding a self-portrait upon forgetting that you were the artist.

In this way we are wrestling with our own reflection.

There is no hidden self behind the one that is readily apparent. The true self is the one that’s been here all along, unbound by the confines of experience.

In other words, you are not defined by the things that happen to you. You are not defined by an imagined future-self. You are not defined by the goals you set, nor the failures you achieve, nor the successes you perceive. You are not defined by the love or lack thereof in your life. You are not defined by the losses you contend with. You are not defined through the eyes of others.

All of these experiences exist only in our minds—for had you never been then so these experiences could never have happened. How can experience define us if it can not exist without us? These are not our boundaries precisely because they reside within us. Therefore, they do not bound us.

We are defined only by the limits of our choosing.

Where precisely lies the end of YOU and the beginning of the REST OF THE WORLD?

Is it at the edge of your skin? Is it the memory of your name? The love that you’ve given or the art you’ve created?

If we try to put our finger on this point we find that this is like asking our finger to point at itself. It can’t be done. Nor are there are any definable boundaries in the science of natural law, try as we might to create them. The composition of life is made up of molecules and within those are atoms and within those are particles and within those are quarks and within those are strings and within those lay the ever-present imagination and that is uniform. Not uniformity in the sense of “sameness” but uniformity is the sense of absolute limitlessness.

It is void.

And void is not hollow emptiness but limitless fertility from which anything can come to be. Void is absolute infinite possibility. We are bound only by infinity.

And so when we struggle in this world—when we fight for things, when we struggle to be happy, we must ask ourselves precisely what it is that we are fighting against? Where exactly is the division between the conscious you and the world you are struggling to gain the upper hand on?

Let go of the play, let go of the narrative you’ve constructed, let go of the reasons you’ve deduced as to “why things are the way the are.” Allow the world to act as it naturally does (it will do this despite you, so why fight it?) and you will discover you were merely struggling against your own reflection like a madman across water.

LIFE is beautiful precisely because it IS. That is the story worth telling. And it is the one we’re living, whether we want to admit it or not.

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