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A 3-Step Guide to Living With Chaos


Our world is chaotic. From weather patterns to geological formations, animal migration to immigration, a zebra’s stripes to a man’s imagination, peace to war, chaos is all around us. Yet, apparently random events also form incredibly complex and ordered patterns. This chaos and order dynamic can be teased out of nearly every facet of life on earth and may hold the key to resolving the capital-P-Problem of capital-L-Life.

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Fractals: The Colours of Infinity (By Arthur C. Clarke)

The Colours of Infinity by Arthur C. Clarke is a visually stimulating, intellectually striking, and concise documentary on the mathematical discovery of the Mandelbrot Set (M-Set) in fractal geometry. Arthur C. Clarke was a British author, inventor, and futurist most well-known for writing 2001: A Space Odyssey and Rendezvous With Rama. Aside from being a prominent science fiction author, Clarke’s ideas also contributed to the

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Social Networks Might Spread Happiness


Nicholas Christakis is a Professor of Medicine, Health Care Policy, and Sociology at Harvard University and his work “examines the biological, psychological, sociological, and mathematical rules that govern how we form social networks, and the rules that govern how they shape our lives.” His paper, “Dynamic Spread of Happiness in a Large Social Network,” co-authored with James H. Fowler and

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