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Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer


“In the province of the mind…there are no limits.” -John C. Lilly This was the conclusion of the late neuroscientist and psychoanalyst John C Lilly more than a half a century ago. In a small summary report written for the National Institute of Mental Health entitled Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer (1966-1967), Lilly offered insight into a five-year-long research project

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Losing Louisiana’s Dynamic Coastline: A National Emergency


Imagine a foreign body is planning to invade the United States: This invasion threatens to wrest control of a crucial port city, seize a third the country’s natural gas and oil reserves, and make refugees of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Would that constitute a national emergency? What if that foreign body was a body of water? This is the reality in the deep south, where along

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Saturn’s Mysterious “Hexagon”

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun, nine-and-a-half times further from the sun than the Earth and ninety-five times more massive than Earth. With its spectacular rings of ice and rock, Saturn has long been considered the “jewel of the solar system.” A somewhat lesser known feature of Saturn might be even more spectacular than its rings: a startlingly

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Remembering “Spider” and “Gumdrop”—the Apollo 9 Mission

      On March 13th, 1969—forty-seven years ago today—the Apollo 9 astronauts splashed into the Atlantic Ocean some 300 miles north of Puerto Rico.They emerged from their capsule with the conviction that mankind was truly capable of accomplishing the impossible: to land on the moon. Commander James A. McDivitt, along with Pilots David Scott and Russell Schweickart, had just completed the most dangerous

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A 3-Step Guide to Living With Chaos


Our world is chaotic. From weather patterns to geological formations, animal migration to immigration, a zebra’s stripes to a man’s imagination, peace to war, chaos is all around us. Yet, apparently random events also form incredibly complex and ordered patterns. This chaos and order dynamic can be teased out of nearly every facet of life on earth and may hold the key to resolving the capital-P-Problem of capital-L-Life.

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Fractals: The Colours of Infinity (By Arthur C. Clarke)

The Colours of Infinity by Arthur C. Clarke is a visually stimulating, intellectually striking, and concise documentary on the mathematical discovery of the Mandelbrot Set (M-Set) in fractal geometry. Arthur C. Clarke was a British author, inventor, and futurist most well-known for writing 2001: A Space Odyssey and Rendezvous With Rama. Aside from being a prominent science fiction author, Clarke’s ideas also contributed to the

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Fractals: A Roadmap Through Infinity

Western culture, by and large, associates life with a pilgrimage. Life is undertaken as a challenge, a race to the end- be it success or enlightenment or whatever- and this paradigm is an incredible source of stress and anxiety. By directing our attention at a predictable and supposed future- an end goal- we become distracted from the present. And yet the highest order of mathematics and the simplest observations in nature demonstrate that in fact this is utter nonsense.

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