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Saturn’s Mysterious “Hexagon”

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun, nine-and-a-half times further from the sun than the Earth and ninety-five times more massive than Earth. With its spectacular rings of ice and rock, Saturn has long been considered the “jewel of the solar system.” A somewhat lesser known feature of Saturn might be even more spectacular than its rings: a startlingly

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Remembering “Spider” and “Gumdrop”—the Apollo 9 Mission

      On March 13th, 1969—forty-seven years ago today—the Apollo 9 astronauts splashed into the Atlantic Ocean some 300 miles north of Puerto Rico.They emerged from their capsule with the conviction that mankind was truly capable of accomplishing the impossible: to land on the moon. Commander James A. McDivitt, along with Pilots David Scott and Russell Schweickart, had just completed the most dangerous

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Our Cosmic Insignificance is Significant

The evolution of human understanding has done quite a number on our ego- we’ve gone from being primal self-interested beings to members of a society in the cosmic blink of an eye. We realized that we not only are we not the center of the earth, Earth isn’t even the center of our galaxy, nor is our galaxy even close to significant compared to the infinate universe. Beyond that, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen, three of the most abundant elements crucial to life as we know it barely represents a fraction of the makeup of the Universe. In fact all the known elements and molecules- the grand total of all matter and energy known to man represents roughly 5% of the entire Universe. In other words, Earth is a grain of sand on the cosmic beach, so where does that leave you and me?

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