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Two Cues Every Man Should Look For From Women


Flirtation can be a sexual, emotional, and intellectual mine field rife with cultural mores, standard practices, clichés, and a mix of emotions—fear, anxiety, excitement, levity, stimulation, annoyance, discomfort, shame. Two strangers thrust into a dialogue in which they are both a black box and at least one person might have romantic and/or sexual intentions. As a bartender I watch a

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Against the Weltschmerz

We’ve probably all confronted this state of mind. Lately it’s been a rather stubborn pest in the back of my brain: anticipation followed by inevitable the disappointment of failure. It seems the imagination is never lacking for better pictures of the world. And yet, I truly believe that this is all a misinterpretation. Weltschmerz is really the consequence of an

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Nothing Is Perfect

Every day we are levying comparisons between “what is” and “what is not.” That is to say we have a nervous system and a linear way of thinking that makes distinctions between “this” and “that” based upon the perceived contrast of the two. This is the only way we can discern where one thing ends and another begins. Yet this is extremely misleading and is the sole cause of the saying “you never know what you have until it’s gone.”

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