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  Loud scraping invaded her sleep. Slowly regaining consciousness, something dragged up her back and pulverized her head. She screamed…but it was muffled. She was blind in a black cloud. Sticks snapped, leaves were tussled, and a whooshing sound of scraping nylon roared around her. She couldn’t move. Another painful blow, this time to the tail bone. She screamed. A

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  The rigor mortis was already starting. His joints crackled, he lost feeling in the fingers holding fast to his gaping wound. They left me. They didn’t look back… His stomach lurched and he doubled over, letting blood effuse into the muck of his vacating bowels. Now he would die in this filth, in the dark, alone. But I saved

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His heart began to quicken… He pauses to relish the moment—cold steel only inches above her tender skin. The thrill was arousing. It excited his loins: his breath grew shallow, his chest thundered. He pondered whether the girl might have a family, if she had a lover, if she would be missed… He licked his lips lasciviously behind his mask and steadied

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